Mental Health Harm Reduction

To Prevent, Respond to and Support Crises…

PorthEden is a social enterprise focusing on mental health crises, founded and developed from a kitchen table within our county of Cornwall.

A community interest company is a business that wants to use its profits and assets for the public good. Our public good is reducing the harm of mental health crisis, which we do through prevention, response and support.

Between 50–80 people per year take their own lives in Cornwall, which is above the national average number of suicides by about 4% (a figure that is likely to be much higher as these figures are difficult to collect). The World Health Organisation suggests that up to 20+ times this number of people attempt suicide which comes to an estimated number of 1,600 people per year locally.

Life extends further than one person – around 20,000 family and friends are also likely to be directly affected by the ensuing impact of suicide every year in Cornwall.

The increasing demand and complexity of mental health issues on ever stretched health services, as well as the voluntary sector, also directly impacts budgets and the availability of other greatly needed services.

PorthEden is here to help…